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“Koisuru Fortune Cookie” Japanese-Language Learners Worldwide Ver.

The Japan Foundation provides the Japanese-Language Course (JF language courses) targeting the general public at our overseas offices and some other venues around the globe. Approximately 16,000 people are studying Japanese through the JF language courses in 27 countries in this fiscal year.

This time, we proudly present a video of the dance performance to a song of AKB 48, a Japanese idol girl group, titled “Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Koichun)”, given by volunteers from the JF language courses around the world, as well as foreign Japanese-language teachers and learners, ranging from children to adults in each area. They participated in a video shooting to introduce the Japan Foundation and added each area’s unique flavors to the performance.

This video really represents the distinctive characteristics of the Japan Foundation. The “Koichun” dance project invited a wide variety of students, who usually live far from each other, to create one great video together, and thus unified people from all over the world through Japanese pop culture.

With more than 500 volunteers from 25 cities, the circle of the Japan Foundation’s “Koichun” project has been expanding through participants who dance every time they get together, and who teach their friends how to dance “Koichun”. Who knows? You may find your friends in this video! Please check it out!


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