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FY 2017-18 grant programs
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Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences

This program provides grants to partially cover expenses for implementing international intellectual collaborative projects such as international conferences. The program is designed to deepen mutual understanding and establish closer relations between Japan and other countries while promoting global intellectual exchange.




Non-profit organizations in Japan and overseas.

Eligible Projects:

International intellectual collaborative dialogues such as international conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops, where the themes must address the challenges that concern both Japan and other countries and participants from Japan must play a significant role in the dialogues.


Some examples of the eligible themes are aging population and low birth rate, environment and energy, influence of science and technology on society, cultural diversity and multiculturalism, democracy and governance, and role of culture in diplomacy and international relations. Themes that involve the sharing of information and experience gained from the Great East Japan Earthquake, disaster prevention, reconstruction and restoration, and community redevelopment are also eligible.

* For art and cultural projects (e.g., performing arts, workshops, and demonstrations) implemented overseas by dispatching artists and Japanese culture specialists from Japan, please see Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists.



Projects must be implemented and completed between April 1, 2019, and March 31, 2020.


Grant Coverage:

Part of following expenses:

1) Travel expenses (international airfares and other transportation, daily allowances and accomodation fees)

2) Honoraria (for presenters, lecturers, interpreters, etc.)

3) Meeting expenses (for preparing materials, venues, equipment, public relations, etc.)

4) Other expenses (for venues, equipments, materials, public relations, etc.)


Number of Grants (References):

22 out of 81 application for FY 2018


The application deadline is December 3, 2018.


Notification results: April 2019

For projects that are scheduled to start in April 2019, please note that notification of results may be sent after the project has already started.


For further information, please see the Program Guidelines of the Japan Foundation below:




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